Thursday, October 8, 2009

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Now in my 12th ++ month of Breastfeeding our son, I think back to the time I started this.

Right after I gave birth. What is breast feeding? According to

Breastfeeding is the feeding of an infant or young child with breast milk directly from human breasts (i.e., via lactation) rather than from a baby bottle or other container. Babies have a sucking reflex that enables them to suck and swallow milk. Most mothers can breastfeed for six months or more, without the addition of infant formula or solid food.

Human breast milk is the healthiest form of milk for human babies.[1] Breastfeeding promotes health, helps to prevent disease and reduces health care and feeding costs.[2] In both developing and developed countries, artificial feeding is associated with more deaths from diarrhea in infants.[3] Experts agree that breastfeeding is beneficial, but may disagree about the length of breastfeeding that is most beneficial, and about the risks of using artificial formulas.[4][5][6]

I remembered the first few nights after the hospital... It was hard. I was scared. I cried. I got worried I wouldn't be able to get baby to latch on... And so on... So now I relaized, I wanted to share it with all your other moms, new mom's out there. I want to be here to tell you, YOU CAN DO IT! AND YOU WILL. :) And yes, it IS WORTH IT! :)


I was pretty lucky I had 2 sisters who have breastfed before me and their memory of it was still clear. (Coz one of them was still breastfeeding at the time). They guided me and explained what to expect and what not to expect.

Some of the few things that proved important to know were:
1. In the first few days, the milk that will come out will really look so little (this is colostrum - super rich in nutrients) - and that "little" milk (colostrum) is GOOD enough to fill baby's appetite. Unless your doctor or nurse says otherwise, Do not worry about how little it is!

2. You don't NEED to pump in the first few days (just feed your baby instead) - if you do pump and see that its just a little, it just might discourage you. So just wait maybe a week.

3. In the first few weeks, I breastfed on demand - it was like I was telling my body that I needed to make a lot of milk.

4. The moment I felt my breasts get too full (almost engorged) I started pumping. This way, I was able to avoid those painful engorged breasts I always read about, plus, I was able to tell my body that it needed to produce more milk.

5. Whenever our DS had a growth spurt, I was happy because I knew that it was increasing my milk supply for him as he fed.

Our Doctor had told us that our DS was one of the few breastfed babies who were really plump. Hehe.

6. Remember the first week at home from the hospital will seem really hard, like you feel like you couldn't do the breastfeeding thing... HANG ON... Give it your all another day or 2 and you will slowly get used to it. Try to feel the comfort you and your baby have together. Try to notice how peaceful you feel when your baby calms down in your arms... :)

7. Breastfeeding while lying down is the best position for you to get the most rest at night! And YOU CAN do it!

8. Baby spitting up? Its okay, it sure does look like its a lot, but usually its just a little. Lots of babies spit up after feeding.

9. Remember the 1st few days are the hardest, it WILL get easier. :)

10. Does it seem LITTLE when you pump? Don't worry, your baby generally gets more out of your breasts than any electric/manual pump. Babies are naturally more efficient in getting milk out of your breasts. :)

11. Usually especially the first few days, breastfed babies poop after each feed. :) (This is also an indicator that YOU ARE PRODUCING ENOUGH MILK - no matter how little you "think" it is) This is because their tummies are still so tiny and breastmilk is very easy to digest. :)

12. It really helps if you are able to talk to or chat with other breastfeeding moms, share your stories, ask each other questions, laugh. Its fun. Its different when you talk to others who understand and are going through or have gone through breastfeeding. Don't h\know anyone currently with the same experience? Chat with me here or just leave a message, I am more than willing to cheer you on and support you. :)

(By the way, I'm a SAHM thats why I was able to feed on demand.)
(I will keep updating this list as I remember them.)


If you need breastfeeding help, please don't hesitate to ask me. I'd love to help! Esepcially new moms who have just given birth, I'd like to give you all the support that I can give. Anything regarding breastfeeding, breastfeeding clothes, breastfeeding baby, breastfeeding help, breastfeeding support, breastfeeding questions, breastfeeding toddler, even basic newborn baby care, or whatevers on your mind.

I'm, no expert but I have experience. :)
Leave a comment for your questions which I will try my best to answer asap. :)

Goodluck to all you!

Breastmilk, other than the well known health benefits for baby is also good for you!

Use it to wash your face for smooth and healthy skin!

Use it on baby's rashes, booboos, or bites (even yours) it will disappear quickly!